About us

Since I remember in my home there always were lots of pets. And since I was a kid I was interested with dog shows and I dreamed of having my own dog.

In 2001 Bachus (BUŁAK Ma - Ja - Ko) appeared in our home. He was our first english setter and from him it all started - my great adventure with dog shows and with hunting. In our kennel we had four splendid english setter litters. They all found excellent, loving and responsible new families.







Our first english springer spaniel was Oda (ODD COME SHORTLY Avendesora) and no doubt it was love from first sight which lasts for today. Because ESS conquered our hearts we started to think about new member of our family. And that's how Nana (NEVER SAY NEVER Avendesora) appeared in our home. Thanks to Annelie Karlsson (kennel Linmoor, Sweden) we have Zeneck (Linmoor ZIMPLY ZALIENT) and Myssan (Linmoor UNIQUE TALKIN'). Both with magnificent character. No doubt they represent excellent type of ESS and they have gorgeus and lovely characters, at the same time showing typical traits of working dogs. Myssan and Zeneck are proud parents of our sweet, young, very special to us lady - Salsa (Lordsett SIMPLY UNIQUE). We are trying to breed ESS with caution, constantly getting experience from breeders from all over the world. Our dream is to breed dogs with wonderful and gentle character, healthy, with appearance that will make us proud. In develope of puppies we put our heart and lots of work. We're try to socialise them as good as we can. We also carefully choose them their new homes and we are always ready to help their new owners.


With great pride we would like to inform you that April 24th 2009 came to the world our beloved son, Filip. At the time of birth, weighed 3330 grams and was 55 cm in length, now probably more :))).

Without a doubt Filip is the greatest, sweetest and the most beautiful child in the world :))) He loves our springers and they love him. As you say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" :)